Remote property care in Bucharest and other cities in Romania


Why Housecare?


Housecare is aware, understands and has the capacity of solving the issues related to a remote real estate possession.


Housecare benfits of an extensive & highly recommended contractors database, based on previous work history of various levels of complexity.


Housecare has a significant discount rate on all it's contractors, due to a long and optimal relation with them.  


Housecare is covered by the Civil Responsibility Insurance.


The Curricula Vitae of Housecare professionals will further justify the owner's trust.


Housecare services will trigger immediate benefits to the owner.

Services for rented houses

monthly rent collection and electronic or postal transfer to the owner will be performed;

liaise with and tax payment to local and tax authority (City Hall and A.N.A.F.);

emergency interventions for plumbing and appliances;

payment of common area fees and condominium reparations;

periodically house inspection (with leaser's approval) and concise reports with photos will be issued (on request);

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Services for unrented houses

payment of any utilities (electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, cable TV etc.) and services (eg. garbage pickup);

payment of common area fees, condominium reparations and insurance;

liaise with and tax payment to local and tax authority (City Hall and A.N.A.F.);

control of the well functioning of plumbing and appliances;

maintaining and repairing plumbing and appliances with recommended 3rd party contractors;

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Costs, rules and conditions

Housecare will provide all the services contracted by the owner, understanding it as a priority to assure prompt intervention whenever necessary, employing third party service providers, previously selected, based on professionalism and price.

Owner's pre-approval will be required before any third party services will be contracted.

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